Lone Star Rising: T.S. Wasp and the Heart of Texas

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There would be little time to make up for laziness and sloth in the cold winter months. It was all or nothing, and the residents of this place intended to give winter no chance to catch them off guard. The months that were coming would be difficult enough without slacking off and finding that the preserves that you expected to have never got made or the vegetables never got harvested.

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There certainly was a lot to do before winter. It turns out that there is a list out there that has the contents of who is supporting King Henry and who are opting to support his rival, Simon de Montfort. It is claimed that it went missing shortly after the death of the head spy for the king. That death went down in west England, but the one thing that is for sure is that whomever comes into control of the list has a great deal of power indeed.

The list would allow an advantage to be had if war is about to break out openly between Henry and Simon. Only a deputy coroner working part time such as Stephen Attebrook would be assigned to this case. His ex-master has issued him orders to track down this list. In the process, he will be involved in a ton of dramatic events that involve everything from betrayal to death. He must find that list quickly, before somebody else gets to it first. What happens in the end?

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Lone Star Rising: T.S. Wasp and the Heart of Texas

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