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As Christians, we believe that this setting was not an accident. One of the pieces on Ancient Echoes is a setting for Psalm To listen to a sample, visit this page to listen this radio commentary. In our culture, most art is disposable, and people slavishly chase after the new. Things of value are never out of date.

Help preserve your Texas Hill Country’s prehistoric and historic archeological heritage.

New dinosaurs, marine reptiles, plants and other fossils are being found in the ravine all the time. The Herschel area is now considered a hot spot for archaeology, paleontology, native plants and animals, and more. Findings included various objects believed to be offerings.

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These served to show the continuous use of the site from approximately AD to AD. The tearing down of the elevator in town was the ideal project to raise money for the purchase of the paintings.

Wood from the elevator was sold and largely responsible for the purchase of the paintings. The Ancient Echoes interpretive Centre is home to the only specimens of Dolichorhynchops herschelensis ever discovered. It was discovered to be a new species by Tamaki Sato in The fossil was found close to the town of Herschel in south-western Saskatchewan, from which the species name is derived.

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The rock formation it was found in consists of sandstones , mudstones and shales laid down in the Western Interior Seaway , just before it began to revert to dry land. The D. The skull , lower jaw , ribs , pelvis and shoulder blades were all recovered, but the spine was incomplete, so the exact number of vertebrae the living animal would have had is unknown.

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All four limbs are missing, with the exception of 9 small Phalanges finger bones and a small number of limb bones found close by which may belong to the animal in question. The fossil is believed to be that of an adult Dolichorhynchops herschelensis. It is also believed to have been substantially smaller than its close relative, D. Assuming that only a few vertebrae are missing from the skeleton, the animal is estimated to be about 2.

The snout is long and thin, with numerous tooth sockets.

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However, very few of the thin, sharp teeth remain. Ancient Echoes Interpretive Centre offers both indoor and outdoor educational tours of their paleontology sites and exhibits which include dinosaur and fossil displays, geological specimens and a dinosaur dig site. The Centre's prairie grasslands ecology exhibit and tour includes, endangered prairie plants as well as traditional first nations medicine and food, animals in the wild, and taxidermy displays. The First Nation's exhibit and tours includes the history of First Nations people in the Herschel area and tours of a traditional ceremonial complex which includes petroglyphs , a vision quest site, a turtle effigy , archaeological dig, tipi rings , buffalo jump , pemmican processing site, tool artifacts and pottery making displays.

Artifacts related to James Carnegie, 9th Earl of Southesk's visit in round out the exhibits. A life-sized sculpture by artist William Epp, of the now extinct, plains grizzly bear shot close to where the Centre now stands, by famed Scottish hunter, James Carnegie, 9th Earl of Southesk on a hunting trip to the area in , can be found on the grounds of the Centre along side a unique metal sculpture of a Dolichorhynchops herschelensis.

Ancient Echoes has just recently added an art gallery space to their walls. The new Prairie View Gallery contains numerous exhibits throughout the year celebrating new and established artists and photographers.