Concubine, The Tail of Miss Sin

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Holy Polygamy: Men of the Bible with Multiple Wives

Many intellectuals have concluded that free will is logically impossible. The philosopher Baruch Spinoza regarded it as a delusion. Albert Einstein wrote: "Human beings, in their thinking, feeling and acting are not free agents but are as causally bound as the stars in their motion.

Recent scientific developments mean that this debate remains as lively today as it was in the ancient world. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the context and impact of Pablo Picasso's iconic work, created soon after the bombing on 26th April that obliterated much of the Basque town of Guernica, and its people.

The attack was carried out by warplanes of the German Condor Legion, joined by the Italian air force, on behalf of Franco's Nationalists. At first the Nationalists denied responsibility, blaming their opponents for creating the destruction themselves for propaganda purposes, but the accounts of journalists such as George Steer, and the prominence of Picasso's work, kept the events of that day under close scrutiny.

Picasso's painting has gone on to become a symbol warning against the devastation of war. Written cAD, it has many elements of autobiography with his scrutiny of his earlier life, his long relationship with a concubine, his theft of pears as a child, his work as an orator and his embrace of other philosophies and Manichaeism.

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Significantly for the development of Christianity, he explores the idea of original sin in the context of his own experience. The work is often seen as an argument for his Roman Catholicism, a less powerful force where he was living in North Africa where another form of Christianity was dominant, Donatism.

Holy Polygamy: Men of the Bible with Multiple Wives | Ascending Olympus

While Augustine retells many episodes from his own life, the greater strength of his Confessions has come to be seen as his examination of his own emotional development, and the growth of his soul. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the ideas and life of one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century, Emmy Noether. In the s she faced further objections to her teaching, as she was Jewish, and she left for the USA when the Nazis came to power.

Her innovative ideas were to become widely recognised and she is now considered to be one of the founders of modern algebra. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss one of the jewels of medieval English poetry. It was written c by an unknown poet and then was left hidden in private collections until the C19th when it emerged. It tells the story of a giant green knight who disrupts Christmas at Camelot, daring Gawain to cut off his head with an axe if he can do the same to Gawain the following year.

Much to the surprise of Arthur's court, who were kicking the green head around, the decapitated body reaches for his head and rides off, leaving Gawain to face his promise and his apparently inevitable death the following Christmas. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the philosophy of hope. To the ancient Greeks, hope was closer to self-deception, one of the evils left in Pandora's box or jar, in Hesiod's story.

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In Christian tradition, hope became one of the theological virtues, the desire for divine union and the expectation of receiving it, an action of the will rather than the intellect. To Kant, 'what may I hope' was one of the three basic questions which human reason asks, while Nietzsche echoed Hesiod, arguing that leaving hope in the box was a deception by the gods, reflecting human inability to face the demands of existence.

Yet even those critical of hope, like Camus, conceded that life was nearly impossible without it. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the planet Venus which is both the morning star and the evening star, rotates backwards at walking speed and has a day which is longer than its year. Once imagined covered with steaming jungles and oceans, we now know the surface of Venus is degrees celsius, and the pressure there is 90 times greater than on Earth, enough to crush an astronaut.

What I meant was that there are people out there who, on the basis of homosexual marriage being legal in some states, are arguing that polygyny should be legal as well. It will soon follow that polygyny and polyandry… if not entirely open, group marriages will be fought for as well and will be legalized as well. After all, far be it for the government to dictate moral principles upon groups of people who want to have sex with each other.

Charlene T, MSW : Then in a conversation meant to determine the status before God of polygyny, what do you intend to add? Charlene T, MSW: To assist with your understanding of fundamentalist readings of scientific studies, I will clarify with showing the difference between a scientific read and a fundamentalist read. The scientific means is to come up with an idea.

Gorgeously Enchanting Elementalist: Insidious Evil Emperor's Airheaded Concubine Chapter 2

Formulate a hypothesis from that idea for testing. Run the test to see if it is supported by reality. Repeat the test multiple times, reformulating the hypothesis to better match the expected results as data is acquired. After performing numerous tests and collecting numerous data, formulate a theory based on the hypothesis, which is now well-founded in the workings of reality.

The fundamentalist means any religion is to wait for the scientific results to come forth, or sometimes just read the hypothesis. If the scientific results are supported by sacred teachings, it must be true. This is how we get the flat earth society, people who believe that there is a god of some kind in the centre of the earth running things, a magic man in the sky, a flying spaghetti monster holding us to the ground with noodly appendages, and many other ideas which are not supported by observable reality.

I speculate and forgive me for putting words in your mouth that Rick is rejecting the data collected by these studies because there is no support nor mention of any horrible outcomes of polygamy in the bible. And, there is no mention of Yahweh or anyone in the Elohim saying it is wrong. Exodus Beckman, You said : There is nothing in the Wisdom Literature of the Scriptures which would discourage polygyny. At no time in any of my postings have I rendered an opinion regarding the Wisdom Literature of the Scriptures.

I have no opinion on this subject, and therefore cannot comment. I am a health care professional who practices at an academic medical center. I restrict my discussions to matters regarding health care and health care outcomes, as well as research regarding health outcomes. I leave discussions regarding biblical standards to qualified theologians, such as yourself. My comments were limited to a review of the medical literature on health outcomes in polygynous couples, which is unfortunately not positive. For information regarding the health outcomes of children raised by homosexual partners, I would refer you to the recent summary article published by American Academy of Pediatrics, which identified health outcomes for these children which were superior to those described in polygynous unions.

Never heard of him. Beckman : I am familiar with the Christian polygyny movement which was started by Steve Butt. Are you a member of his group? Butt was an evangelical Christian who began the movement about 15 yrs ago, while working as a mental health counselor working with female victims of abuse.

He then took her home to his wife and announced he had a revelation that Christian men could have plural wives and he would thereafter be married to his patient as well and his wife. This is a violation or abuse of professional trust. It is a violation of state licensure regulations which prohibit counselors, nurses, physicians, etc which is punishable with license revocation, fines, and in some states, required jail time.

Well, you asked if I was a member of his group, and then went on to say that your comment was little more than a common on his professional behavior or lack thereof. And since none of that has anything to do with the topic at hand, that makes him irrelevant and I see no reason why you would have brought him up other than to take the opportunity to ask if I was somehow a part of his group. So, that makes him irrelevant.

Like, for example, David Koresh, who was mentioned earlier by Uppity. I never said I disagreed with you.

But Where Are the Gods?

These are your assumptions. I did however comment on Mr. Charlene : Actually, I have no idea about David Koresh. As far as mainstream Christian denominations are concerned, I doubt any of them advocate or allow polygyny. I aim to believe the Bible, not follow a group, so on some things I fit in here, while others I fit in there. Hugh is one of them. I learned most of what I know about polygyny from him, and I learned it by doing my best to prove him wrong.

David : Actually, that question, being part of the post introduction, was rhetorical in nature. Now, had it come at the end of the post. And to an extent, yeah, it is important to understand the impact on society. Christians are told not to offend each other or cause each other occasion to sin.

12 Best Modern Chinese Films – China Channel

Perhaps introducing polygyny would cause men to sin by abusing multiple women. But that same point could be leveled against monogamous marriage. Ditto most arguments of that nature. There are a number of issues to address, but if polygyny is a sin, then there is no reason to go any farther. So arguing that polygyny is morally neutral and is inherently not a sin, then are people free to move on to discussions of practicality. I am unsure how many of polygynous Christian groups or denominations there truly are now.

Why did God allow Solomon to have 1,000 wives and concubines? -

Is one required to be a member of a group? I was under the impression that there was only one, associated with Reverend Butt, which I mentioned in the previous posting.

watch I should read more on the topic. Please advise me. I did not mean to offend you by suggesting this possible association.

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My sincerest apologies. That issue would seem to affect a variety of situations, not just polygyny.